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Epocan main objective is to assess the long-term risks and adverse effects of Epoetin treatment using novel animal models, patients databases as well as human samples derived from a large bio-bank. Below are the detailed objectives of Epocan: 

  1. Identify, detect and measure possible long-term effect of Epo treatment on tumor growth and incidence. To achieve this goal patient databases will be used and novel animal models will be developed.                                                                        
  2. Determine Epo effects on haemostasis with respect to the risk of thromboembolic events. Human samples, databases and mice models will be used to achieve this goal.
  3. Define Epoetin-associated cardiovascular adverse events in CKD patient database and using animal models.
  4. Develop novel prognostic tools and new complementary therapeutic reagents.
  5. Evaluate the risk-benefit ratio of Epo treatment to pave the way for new safety and efficacy criteria.






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