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The EpoCan project will generate important new knowledge on possible serious adverse events attributed to Epoetin treatment, i.e. the risk of tumour growth progression and thromboembolic events in cancer patients, as well as cardiovascular and cancer risk in chronic kidney disease patients.

EpoCan will promote improved pathological testing of patient samples that will lead to safer use of Epoetins. This will be accomplished by determining whether Epoietin treatment is associated with tumour exacerbation, and/or thromboembolic and cardiovascular side effects. EpoCan will thus enable the better prediction/avoidance of such adverse events. Furthermore, novel prognostic tools and new complementary therapeutic reagents will be generated by the EpoCan project. The results of the EpoCan project are expected to yield both improved medical practice as well as substantial savings to health systems, by avoiding severe complications and unnecessary expenses. 





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